Theatre Tribe is delighted to welcome Tribe Members from all over the world in joining us for our fabulous Musical Theatre experiences. Amongst others, Theatre Tribe has worked with students from France, Italy, Thailand, Nigeria, Holland, the USA, Spain, Morocco, India, China and the Ukraine. Our International students always have an incredible time with Theatre Tribe, realising their dreams of working with professional West End and National Touring actors from their favourite shows, whilst totally immersing themselves in the amazing world of Musical Theatre.

What level of English is required?

It is ESSENTIAL you speak fluent English to take part on a Theatre Tribe experience. Our courses are intense and there is a lot of information to take on board in a short amount of time, as well as learning all your many lines for your character in the production. Theatre Tribe experiences are designed to show you what it is like to work as a professional actor, NOT to teach or improve your English language skills. Please consider this carefully before booking on to one of our courses as we want your time with us to be fun rather than stressful!

Will I make friends with other Tribe Members?

Absolutely, 100% YES! Theatre Tribe is totally inclusive and Tribe Members make friends from the word go. We spend the first morning getting to know each other – a great ice breaker for the whole group, and with only 20 students taking part everyone becomes friends super fast. With so much to rehearse it’s an extremely team bonding experience and at no time is anyone allowed to feel not part of the group.