“Yet again we were blown away by the standards of Theatre Tribe!! And yet again my daughter cannot wait for the summer course!
I really don’t know how you put together something that is not far off a West End musical in just a week!? So much choreography and songs, not to mention the smooth transitions, lighting/music and acting skills. To top it off, the kids don’t look like they’re under any pressure! It’s like they’ve been treading the boards as professionals for years and love it! She says the reason why Theatre Tribe is better than any other drama holiday course is because it’s small enough to get to know everyone and work like a proper cast and as soon as the morning warm-up is done you get straight to work like a proper actor! See you soon!”

“This week meant so much to my three girls… so inspirational and they are so sad that it is over! They would do the next one in a minute!”

“Surprisingly rare to have such high standards in a course. My son enjoyed himself so much, thank you very much for a really special week”

“My daughter was full of praise for the professional way that it was organised. She said it was ‘properly organised’! She threw her heart and soul into it and we were astounded at the end performance. What Mairi and Anthony managed to achieve in those few days was nothing short of miraculous… pun definitely intended there as ‘Miracle’ was my favourite number on the show!! The best feedback that I can give is that she would attend Theatre Tribe every week of the holidays if she could (although she wouldn’t have the energy I’m certain…) and we will definitely be booking again next year. Huge thanks for giving her an unforgettable experience.”

“Theatre Tribe was simply the best! We were blown away by the superb standard of production after just 5 days. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, we were all so moved. Amy had the time of her life – thanks to you, the marvellous Mairi, Anthony and Steve, and also Sophie Linder-Lee.”

“I just wanted to tell you thank you because I was incredibly impressed by the quality of the experience my 7 year old had at your West London camp. The performance was yesterday, and I never expected what 1 week of intensive work and fun could output. The show was great! Thank you and please let me know if you have any other camps again in West London. Sign us up for next summer for sure!”

“Thank you very much indeed. Lucy had a most enjoyable week – “one of the best week’s ever.” She would love to do it all again next year. So, a huge thank you from us.”

“My daughter absolutely loved the experience – indeed she actually said to me, “It’s better than a holiday!”.  Totally fun, totally confidence building and totally inspiring. I loved hearing the tales of what she had been doing each day and she came home famished as if she  actually had been out on the beach/over the hills for hours.  This is a girl who, although she shines academically at school, is crippled with self consciousness up on a stage…. or was!! No more it would seem. Yesterday she went to her grandma’s birthday party and in front of over 100 people stood up and sung a song for her. This made her grandma cry – so the happiness spread and spread. Thanks  so much!”

“It is really astonishing how much you give to all the kids, how proud you make them of themselves, and how much fun they have in the process. As my son said after his very first day with you: ‘Phenomenal!!!!’ “

“Our daughter loves going to Theatre Tribe, so much so that she chose it over a holiday abroad! All the children get to participate and shine. They work hard and enjoy it. They develop confidence and musical and performing capabilities whilst also having a lot of fun. Finally, Emma and her team give over 100% – they are talented, enthusiastic and great teachers. You get a feeling that they know and care for each one of the children. This is so rare. Value for money and a great holiday.”

“We are big fans of Theatre Tribe! Other than the Musical Theatre side of things, I think it was great how all the kids of different ages learnt to get on with each other in a short space of time, and also to support each other. You really got the team spirit going, and it was obviously a great boost for their confidence. We’re very pleased to have found you!”

"My 11-year-old daughter thoroughly enjoyed the Hard Knock Life, musical drama course at South Hampstead High School this summer.  Initially concerned that she wouldn't know anyone on the course, she needn’t of worried.  The cast, a nice mix of boys and girls, all worked together really well to produce a technically accomplished and truly impressive performance to an invited audience on the last day of the course. Inspired by her new found confidence and the energy of a highly motivated ensemble, my daughter learnt many new skills under the talented direction of Emma and her assistant. My daughter has already told me that she’d like to attend another TheatreTribe course next year.  Great course, very professionally run."

 "I never got a chance to say thank you. After the show my daughter came home and said, 'I want to do it again tomorrow!!!'"

"Thanks so much for last week. Rachel had a brilliant time at your camp and came home each day brimming with enthusiasm! She loved her role. It was very impressive to see what the kids achieved with you in one week. She's already looking forward to her next camp."

"My daughter has absolutely loved this week and has left every afternoon singing in the car. It has been great to have met other children, older and similar ages, and they all seemed to have blended well. Thank you for all your hard work; putting on a play this size in a week with unknown girls must be challenging! Well Ellie has absolutely loved every aspect of it - so a big thank you from us. I'm just not sure how I'm going to make the rest of the holiday this exciting, as I am not sure that anything else will match this level of fun."

"I just wanted to write a note to say how very much William enjoyed his week at Theatre Tribe in Balham. He had a fantastic time, and we were amazed at what you all managed to achieve during the space of just a few days. He can’t wait to come back!"

"I just wanted to reiterate our huge thanks to you both for preparing and organising such a wonderful week for our girls putting on Academy of Rock. They absolutely loved it and I was so happy their first experience into the world of acting was such a positive and enriching one.  How amazing of you to be able to make someone who is so out of their comfort zone come away feeling so motivated and enthusiastic! I hope you enjoy the rest of your performances this year and that you will come back to Maisons Laffitte next year. Bravo and huge thanks."

"Thanks again for a brilliant Theatre Tribe course.  Zoe came home, put on the CD and sang all the songs again!!! I love the way that your courses are so inclusive - every child gets a chance to participate and you give them so much encouragement.  Such a refreshing change from French activities! All the very best and hope to see you again next year."

"Thank you so much for another terrific Theatre Tribe. How you manage to get 20 kids in such terrific form  — while having fun — in just five days is a miracle."

"Thank you so much again for having my son take part in the production. He had an amazing, amazing time despite not being your typical "drama kid" . He was actually really moody after the show and it took my husband and I a few attempts to figure out what was the matter - and it turned out that he was just overcome with sadness that it was all over suddenly. He kept saying he wants to continue going! So we cannot wait until Easter when he can join another show!!"

"We were really impressed by how you both managed to get the children from such variety of ages to get engaged from day 1 in this project and the result was fantastic. We are so happy that our daughter could be accompanied by positive, highly professional and cool people like you. Please come back!"



"We just wanted to thank you again for a fabulous week at Theatre Tribe in Cambridge. Annabel had a brilliant time, and was so happy all week.  As parents we were thrilled to see her giving a confident performance after such a short rehearsing time. A friendly small group, and close personal tuition - your formula really works!! We look forward to being involved in another production week again soon - please keep us posted!"

“I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you so so much for the Theatre Tribe week in Ealing this week. The show was amazing! We were so impressed with the high standard of the production, and our sincere thanks go to your lovely colleagues for all their hard work and endless enthusiasm! Anneliese (aka Bruce!) absolutely loved the experience. She has done other productions in the past but this one topped the lot! From my point of view, I was so impressed with your whole organisation and professionalism. Thank you so much! I will thoroughly recommend you to others!”

“Thanks so much for a wonderful week for Kate and a wonderful performance last night. I can’t believe she was anxious about it beforehand as she loved every minute (apart from sit ups and press ups!). We were so impressed with the show – best we have seen by children and you did it only five days.”

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for giving the girls such a wonderful week and experience! They have been exhausted by the time they get home, sleeping so well – which makes a change!”

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you again for such an amazing week. Our kids have had as such a fabulous time and managed to keep the show a secret from us!!! Well done to you, Nathan & Sophie for all your hard work – an amazing show with very talented children. All three of ours have said they definitely want to do it again next year!!!”

“We just wanted to say a huge thank you. Talia absolutely loved Theatre Tribe – she’s still singing and dancing to all the songs and it really gave her an opportunity to get stuck in and really want to do well. She adored both you and Nathan and has made me promise that she can do Theatre Tribe again soon!”

“Once again a fabulous show and all prepared in 4 days! Our girls had a wonderful time helped by the fact that they adore Matilda. They love Theatre Tribe and have so much fun, it’s a brilliant and enjoyable week for them.”

“Thank you for a FAB week, our kids had the most amazing time, thoroughly enjoying the creativity of it all and meeting new friends. You were a star, always so enthusiastic and making them feel so welcome. They love their T-shirts and have lots of fun, happy memories. We will certainly recommend Theatre Tribe and hope that they can join in with another week very soon…”

“My daughter enjoyed every minute of it and it was the best organised activity she has ever participated in”

“Just a quick note to say how much my daughter enjoyed working on the show with you last week. I catch her singing the songs all the time. I asked her to clean the guinea pigs out today and caught her belting out one of the numbers (with actions) behind the bushes instead!”

“I just wanted to write and thank you and your team for all their hard work in putting together the Mamma Mia Madness extravaganza. Daisy had such a fantastic time and Jayde and Sean were truly inspiring. Roll on the next one!”

“Fantastic – best holiday course ever! The big smiles on the children’s faces right through the show said it all. My daughter didn’t want the week to end. As well as being great fun it was wonderfully organised too”

“Yesterday was my son’s first day back at school and he had to write an essay for homework on ‘A Challenge’.  He chose Theatre Tribe.  Here are some excerpts:  ’My week at Theatre Tribe was, to me at least, very special. I, having been given the part of the Wizard of Oz, felt more of an important and valued character than I think I had ever felt before. The half hour of our performance has been branded into my memory. We put on a good show and received the praise as a team. I will always remember that week because of the great feeling that we achieved it as a team’. So there you have it!  Well done Theatre Tribe.”

“My daughter had the best time – it has been her favourite summer camp (…there have been many over the years!) and she hopes to do another”

“Have to say WOW! My daughter is having a BLAST! She’s inspired and now wants an agent!!!!”

"We just wanted to thank you so much for Chester's Theatre Tribe experience last week. He had a wonderful time and has massively grown in confidence in regard to his performing under your enthusiastic and encouraging guidance. The other two are are now really keen to do it!"

"Just a note to say how much our son enjoyed Theatre Tribe - Gangsters and Molls - week.  He hasn't stopped talking about it and misses it very much!"

"Thank you thank you thank you! Sofia had such an amazing week at Theatre Tribe. She absolutely loved every minute of it (except maybe the warm ups!) and is already excited about coming back next summer (do hope you come back to Cambridge again). That was her first true acting opportunity (except narrating a Christmas play 18 months ago) and she now has the bug well and truly! Well done to you and Nathan for pulling a mixed groups of ages and abilities together in such a short time to produce what was a truly entertaining show. Best wishes and hopefully we will see you next summer."

"Thanks, Emma!  The girls had a fantastic time and the performance was first rate!  I think their Theatre Tribe experience has been a real confidence builder for both of them. Looking forward to next time!"

"First, I'd like to thank you for such a wonderful experience this summer! Our children participated in two productions this summer (We Will Rock You and Frozen Heart) and had an amazing time. You might remember that both were extremely reluctant to do anything related to drama, but once they started, they were fully converted and thoroughly enjoyed themselves!"

"My children had a wonderful time - as usual. After the final show they protested: "It is not fair. Now we have to wait at least 11 months to come back, since Easter holidays in Spain and the UK do not coincide". Thanks again for all your enthusiasm and all the hard work."

"Thank you for giving my granddaughter another wonderful Summer Theatre Tribe experience. I know how much she enjoyed it this year and the two years previous to this one. I would like to thank you again because I have seen my rather shy granddaughter blossom into a young teenager who has gained so much more confidence than she had before."

"Thank you again for a great experience for my daughter, and all the other children, last week! It is the second time she has participated and she loved it so much! I felt she has much grown in confidence and played absolutely wonderfully. I loved the show, it was great watching the children in their roles. They had so much fun! I loved their individuality... They were so wonderful! It’s almost a shame this show only played once. Thank you again, and Nathan, for your tremendous guidance in making this show coming to life in under 5 days! What a great achievement, by the kids, but also by Nathan and you! See you again next year!"

"What a wonderful performance yesterday - we loved it! Thank you and Nathan so much for all your hard work this week with my daughter - she has had a super time and what  a difference from last year. I can only imagine the amount of hard work and encouragement you and Nathan have to put in to get such high levels of performance but all so worthwhile and all the kids had a ball.  Some real characters too!! Looking forward to next year's sessions."